Classic large capsule condenser microphones

Classic large capsule condenser microphones are without a doubt amongst the most sought-after and expensive items on anyone’s wish list.
  Classic large capsule condenser microphones are without a doubt amongst the most sought-after and expensive items on anyone’s wish list.
  With an original Neumann U47 commanding up to $10,000, most of these mics are out of reach for the average studio owner, and certainly only possible for a tiny minority of home studios. So in theory, if you can emulate them with software then you should be on to a winner.
  There have been a few plugs over the years which have claimed to give one mic the character of another but, given the limitations of the original mic, coupled with any number of mic pres that could have been used, plus the quality of the interface that recorded it, most of them have been pretty disappointing.
  Sevenoak Digital have taken that idea and built a complete system which removes as many of those variables as possible. The Sevenoak SK-SVM10 Stereo Video Condenser Microphone is designed specifically for recording movie audio

                                                                                                              Stereo Video Condenser Microphone
  The Originals
  As we looked down the list of models provided we realised that these are vintage mics all of which we have used many times over the years. While every has a distinctive character, they are all different - some quite radically (you’d be surprised at how many we have come across that were simply broken and still being used!) and some very close.
  Obviously, Sevenoak knows its mics so it has modelled great sounding ones but it’s really the overall characters we are commenting on in this review as those variations do make a difference. We, like most professional engineers, have particular favourites that we will go to when we open the mic cupboard door, and even have a list of serial numbers so that when we book a studio we ask for a specific mic for a specific purpose.
  While it will never be possible to get that nuanced with a system like this we can imagine Sevenoak being able to extrapolate this idea into picking multiple examples of the same mic and making those available. When a system is as capable of fine detail as the VMS it would seem like a natural progression, and one that we would certainly welcome.
  On the mic
  Starting with the microphone itself this all black affair is, in shape and size, somewhere between an AKG C12 and a Brauner VM1. It comes with a very well made suspension mount which it screws into (that always feels better to me than mounts with clips) but we think it could be a tiny bit slacker as there is still a higher degree of transmission noise than we would expect.
  Stereo X/Y Condenser Microphone
  Broadcast sound quality
  Adjust sound attenuation (-10dB,0dB)
  Two step High Pass Filter (Flat/80Hz)
  Integrated shock mounting
  Durable cast aluminum alloy body
  Low noise circuitry
  3.5mm mini-jack output
  Integrated cold-shoe mount
  9V alkaline battery
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